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Shiny and Clean

I don't feel like I've done much today, but then I don't really have a lot to do so I don't feel too bad.

I went for a walk this morning, it's kind of become a weekend morning tradition if Sara is at work early. It's a nice way to start the day.

I've not done a whole lot since, some stuff around the house and played video games. That was about it.

When I started feeling like I should do something a bit more productive though I noticed the headlight cleaning kit I bought a few weeks ago and decided to stop putting that off and do it.

My car headlights have been foggy and yellowed for a while now and I've been meaning to get it sorted. I figured I'd give cleaning them myself a punt first before spending out to replace them. The kit is essentially some different grade corse scrub pads, some lubricant, some clarifying formula then a base coat and sealant for afterward.

Following the steps I was able to get them looking considerably clearer. Not perfect, not close to it really, but I wasn't expecting that and am happy with how much clearer they look. I either timed it well or poorly depending on how you look at it because as I was finishing up and dying them off the rain started to come down! It shouldn't mess with it, but the real test will be to see how much brighter they appear when I'm driving.

Oh I also fixed my washers too, they'd got quite clogged up over the past few weeks heat wave and not being used much. I cleared them out with a pin. Check me out being a bit DIY with my car for a change!

Sara's on her way home from work soon. She's not feeling too hot so I'm going to see if she fancies any dinner, either way I'm going to cook some spicy chicken and Mexican rice I think.

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