• James Hewlett


I went up to Winchester after work yesterday, (I'm writing this the day after it's dated,) met up with Sara while she was technically finished work but still doing bits and bobs. Her mum and step dad were down visiting but hadn't arrived yet so I had a beer while we waited for them.

I like Julie and Ron, they're fun. We had another drink at Sara's place when they got there and then went for some food at another pub a short walk away. Winchester is always pretty but it looked nice at night.

We caught up with Julie and Ron, heard all about the cricket pavilion and all the stuff they're up to and Sara told them all about her new job and the area. It was nice. They were only down for a flying visit so I didn't see them today but Sara had breakfast with them. She had set them up in a room at her place over night. One of the benefits of the pub also being a hotel!

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