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Today we went and had lunch and a drink with Sara's dad and his wife, Christine.

We haven't seen them since the wedding just over two years ago and it's only the third time I've met them ever. To say Sara hasn't had a good relationship with her dad wouldn't be exactly right, she just hasn't really had any relationship with him at all for years so it's... awkward at first when we do see them and I know that she never looks forward to it.

But with all that said we had a nice time. It certainly could have been a lot lot worse.

After that we did a much needed food shop, played a boardgame and I did some last minute draft prep for tomorrow.

Right now I'm just waiting for NXT Takeover to start and Sara has popped out to see her friends at the bar. She's aiming to get home in time to watch the final match with me as she's been following that storyline along with me.

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