• James Hewlett

Summer Sizzler

We went to the Rev Pro Summer Sizzler wrestling event tonight with Pete and Helen. It was awesome. The highlight was definitely CCK vs. Aussie Open, really great tag match.

El Phantasmo challenging David Starr for their cruiserweight title was a good match.

Ishii against Walter was good, Ishii is a beast and always good, he did what he could to make Walter look good but he really is just a big man doing basic big man stuff.

The opening match was Josh Bodom against my friend Dan McGee. It was Dan's first time in front of the York Hall audience and he was having a blast. They did a great job kicking off the night and getting the atmosphere lively.

The show did seem to peak in the middle with the tag match and never seemed to have the same energy in the second half of the event but I enjoyed it none the less!

It was Sara's first indie event and she had a lot of fun too!

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