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Draft Day Vol. 2

Saturday night I stayed up and watched NXT Takeover, the big wrestling event for the NXT brand, which has easily become my favourite show of that form of entertainment. The whole event was awesome top to bottom.

Today was our draft in Jamie’s ‘Foxtasy League.’

Both Sara and I were invited in to this league to replace a couple of players who weren’t returning. We had heard stories about this league, knew about half of them and had seen pictures from previous drafts but it was striking to me just how different this draft was compared to all the ones we’ve had for our leagues in the past.

It was a lot more formal and organised, jamie had even written up a ‘Constitution’ so that any rules questions would be covered in a fair way. He had a whole presentation a the start of the event which involved a power point presentation and everything!

He’d also hooked it up so we had a private bar to ourselves upstairs from where they usually do it.

Oh yeah, the losers trophy is pretty brilliant. I think Jamie had personal pleasure making getting that one made.

The draft itself was mostly what I expected, it's a twelve team league and I would say about eight of the twelve were very prepared and the others managed to get through without too much trouble. It was a good day.

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