• James Hewlett

Feeling Frugal

Alright, just a heads up, it's Wednesday and I'm catching up on posts so they're going to be super short.

I'm feeling very tight on cash this month. Due to a few things, none of which were us spending money willy nilly believe it or not, both Sara and I are pretty much tapped out for the month already. It's the most I've felt it for quite a while and it's not a feeling I think anyone enjoys.

I've been doing extra hours at work though in order to help myself out of the bit of a hole I'm in, only problem is that I'm paid a month in arrears so I won't actually benefit for this work until the end of next month, but by then I should have built up a good chunk of over time and it'll be quite a nice pay day.

It was a weird evening tonight though, I wrote up Sunday's post but then paused for dinner before posting it. We put on a show after eating and before you know it both of us were completely out for the rest of the evening until we went to bed! A busy weekend took it out of us I think.

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