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What I've Been Watching

What media have I been consuming this week?

Well after watching some AH videos where they went back and played some older Halo games I got me jonesing to do the same so I reinstalled the Master Chief Collection and jumped back into that, mostly playing through Halo 3 again.

I can’t believe that game is eleven years old! It holds up so well and I think it’s easily my favourite of the series.

I have been jumping around and collecting achievements all over the collection though. With 6000 gamerscore available in total there is plenty to get.

Last night I ticked a movie off my list of shame and finally watched Lost In Translation for the first time.

I’m sure I don’t need to tell anyone how good it is? Bill Murray is phenomenal and Scarlet Johansson is great in what was her break out role. I feel like this movie has aged better than some other quiet, contemplative movies from that bit of the early two thousands such as Garden State.

The big one this week has been an audiobook I’ve been listening to, Sea of Rust by C. Robert Cargil.

Cargil first came on to my radar as a movie critic, I enjoyed his writing and guest appearances on the slashfilmcast and other movie podcasts and was intrigued when I heard he was leaving that career to start writing his own stuff.

I never checked out his first book, but I might go back to it now as I’m really enjoying this one!

He has also been doing movie work, most notably he wrote the screenplay for Dr. Strange, Marvel’s autumn hit a couple of years ago.

Sea of Rust is a... how to describe it, a post-post apocalyptic tale of survival? Yeah that sounds like a good elevator pitch.

Basically, very basically in fact as I’m only about halfway through, AI was perfected, an AI was granted freedom, some churchies got pissed off and blew some robots up, the robots said fuck that and fought back and humanity was wiped out.

All that, and presumably more, is recounted in flashbacks in much greater and more interesting detail.

The main story is following a robot, Brittle, as she tries to live in the brutal world left over post-humans. She’s a scavenger and the world is very rugged and wild. Think old west but with robots.

It’s really enjoyable and accessible even if you’re not interested in the intricacies and history of how artificial intelligence grew smarter to the point where they decided they didn’t need us anymore.

I love getting a book that inspires me to write, this is definitely one of those. I have thought of a couple of different story ideas while listening to this book. Not anything similar to it, just original ideas of my own. That’s where I find good inspiration comes from. It can be a conversation I have with someone, a movie, a book, anything, as long as it is stimulating my brain and getting my imagination rolling I start coming up with story ideas.

I’m about two thirds of the way through the foundation level of my writing course, there are a bunch of advanced lectures to go back to from earlier blocks too when I’m done but I also am eager to start trying to flesh out some of the ideas I’ve got.

I’ve created a folder for each one so that when even I get a spark of inspiration for any of them I can jump in and get something on the page. Maybe something will come of one of them one day! It’s all good practice though.

This was a good way of spending my break today! I don’t have to worry about writing this evening now, just chucking some pictures on this and posting it!

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