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Like Riding A Bike

They say, "It's like riding a bike." I think the implication is that you don't forget how to ride once you've learnt, not that you'll end up doing damage to a nice car...

Yeah... That happened.

I got a message from Paul earlier on today saying that they had two bikes they weren't going to be using any more and would we like them. I jumped at the chance, Sara and I have been wanting push bikes for a couple of years now, if only to ride to the pub and back!

I also thought that if I enjoyed it and got confident enough I might start riding to work. It would be a good bit of extra exercise each day. We'll see how that goes, no promises.

So after they dropped the bikes round Sara and I thought we'd take them out for a spin around the block to shake the rust off. Not off the bikes, but off of us. It's been fifteen years since I last rode a push bike and almost as long for Sara.

We literally got just outside our drive and then there was a car right up my ass, I was still a bit shaky and as I glanced back to make sure this prick wasn't going to run me off the road I wobbled and lost a bit of control and ended up almost falling, I went into a parked car instead of the one that would have hit me and I scuffed it and put a very small dent in it.

I left a note and felt horrible. The guy popped round a couple of hours later and was okay with it, which was nice and took a load off my mind. Still a pain in the ass though when I really can't afford any extra pay outs, hopefully it won't be too much.

I did also mow the lawn this afternoon as it had kind of exploded over the last couple of weeks due to all the rain we've had. It looks really good now and is actually green for a change. Smells good too as I noticed when I got home this evening after popping out briefly to wish a happy birthday to a friend in town.

When I got home I got a game of Arkham Horror The Card Game in with Ed on TTS. It was good to catch up with him, dude's got a lot on his plate at the moment. Hopefully I was able to help.

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