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Semi Final Sunday

Today was the semi final of the national championships for the first division of the British American Football League and our local team, Solent Thrashers, were in it.

Sara and I have been to most home games this season and have had a great time at all of them. The team has kicked ass, the weather has been glorious, it has just been awesome.

Well, as they say, all good things...

It has been pissing it down today since first thing this morning and didn't let up at all. Now, that doesn't stop these guys playing. Just like the NFL, games don't get called on account of weather.

Normally with weather this bad we wouldn't go but as we missed the game last week and this one being quite high stakes we were going no matter what. Sara finished work at three and was meeting me there, the game started at three thirty. I went and picked up Mitchell in town as he wanted to come too and we went and found a parking spot. I was amazed at how busy it was, and more than a little impressed to be honest. I figured a lot of people would pass on the game because it was so foul outside but there was a pretty big turn out! A lot of fans had travelled from Kent with the opposing team as well which was kind of cool to see.

I popped the boot of my car and made a bit of space and ended up watching almost the whole game from there, properly tailgating! Mitchell had his festival chair and Sara had a nice big umbrella from work and so he was set too.

We had a lot of fun, heckling the away team, rooting on our guys, unfortunately it wasn't enough and the Thrashers did lose. It came down to an extremely tense final drive in which we needed a score but were unable to find the end zone. In fact, there wasn't a score on either side after the first quarter.

Kent were definitely the better team on the day, their QB didn't seem as deterred by the rain and threw up a few really nice passes. Solent seemed a bit more tentative in the passing game, especially as that has been strong for them all season up until this point.

We had fun none the less and look forward to going to more games next season. I just love having some football to watch in the summer, and with only a week and change until the NFL regular season starts it has been a great warm up for Sunday afternoons!

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