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Mr. Motivator

I've really struggled with motivation to write after work for the last week or so. It sucks.

It hasn't been due to me not wanting to, sure I've been working longer and have been a bit more tired when I get home, but not to the point of not having the energy to. It has been more a lack of motivation due to not having anything interesting to write about.

I feel like I've had more a more posts that have just been me recounting my day and while they're fine every now and then, that isn't what I wanted this to be. If I have something big or exciting happen, great! Something that I have strong opinions on, awesome. Just talking about my day? I don't want to write about that every day! It's not interesting for you, (except maybe you, Mum!) It's not interesting for me and I don't feel like it is all that productive. It just feels too much like a diary.

That's the main reason that I've had a lot more gap days that I've gone back and filled and I want to stop doing that if I can avoid it.

So I'm not saying that I won't write about my day, but I've got some more ideas on how to keep it fresh and I'm going to talk about them tomorrow. Ha! See what I did there, I'm not just teasing tomorrows post to get you to come back then but I'm spreading my shit out so I don't have to think of even more to write about this week!

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