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The Request Line Is Open

Yesterday I talked about my lack of motivation about what to write and that I had a couple of ideas of how to combat that.

Today I’m going to go over one of them; it’s really quite simple and only really came to me after I already did it.

I’m going to take requests.

I tweeted out that I couldn’t think of what to write about and for people to hit me up with a topic or jumping off point that they’d be curious about my opinion on and I got a couple of really good responses. That was when I realised I could make it a some what recurring segment. I’ll ask people at the start of the week for some suggestions and then write about one later in the week.

I’ve pencilled in the first one as tomorrow’s post but things might get shuffled.

I have a really good history of taking requests. It’s something I’ve done a lot of at various points. Most notable and obvious was when I was DJing, for 90% of my gigs I was very request driven, there would be a rough music policy for the venue/night but I always did my best work when I was feeding off the crowd and they were keeping me loaded with requests.

There was always some asshole who would get pissy when, “They’re song,” didn’t get played immediately but the majority of people were having a great time and could appreciate that while I maybe didn’t play the song they requested straight away that I was getting to it naturally or it had inspired something similar that they enjoyed just as much.

That is kind of my plan with this too. So please, feel free to send me any requests on topics you’d like me to share my thoughts on, it can be anything.

I’m looking for things that work well as a launching pad, something that might inspire me to talk about various things linked to that topic, but then again if you want something specific I’d be open to that too.

You get email, tweet, text, shout at me in the street, I don’t mind. I’ll probably solicit requests at the start of each week and hopefully will build up a pool to draw from, if you don’t want me to credit you for the suggestion let me know and I’ll keep it anonymous.

I’ll cover another idea I have next week sometime too.

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