• James Hewlett

Later, Bro.

Today was my brother and Maggie's last day in the country. They've sold their businesses, sold their home, sold a lot of their possessions and put most of the rest into storage.

They've loaded up their 4x4, put their two dogs in the back and started the drive down to Spain where they plan on living for the foreseeable future.

Jon and I have had our ups and downs over the past couple of years but never made it back to the point we were at a few years ago. We used to be extremely close, best friends as well as brothers but as that relationship soured we grew apart into very different people.

We had a nice evening with them tonight, having dinner at the New Forest pub they were staying at for one night after handing over the keys to the house they bought not nine months ago. We talked and shot the shit and mostly enjoyed ourselves but there were multiple times when I bit my tongue and didn't say what I was thinking or calling out and opinion that was clearly a regurgitation more than an original thought. I did this because I wanted to say goodbye to my brother on nice and happy terms.

I'll miss him, but to be honest, I've missed the him that he was for a while now and them moving to Spain without a real plan isn't going to make me miss that guy any more.

They have rentals booked up through February next year and don't plan on coming back unless the absolute perfect job opportunity becomes available. I don't know if they plan on working while they're out there or much else, but they seem happy and excited for the first time in years and I wish them all the best. I really hope it works out for them.

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