• James Hewlett

Lazing On A Sunday Afternoon

This weekend is the last one for a good few weeks without anything going on. I'm going to be pretty busy at least one of the time for some weekends to come, which will be fun, but I'm already expecting to be tired.

Because of that I've done very little this weekend and it has been quite nice. I'm not going to write about anything in particular today either. Sara went to work at three so we were able to have a nice lunch together and also tidy up the house a bit beforehand. After that I watched the 'All In' indie wrestling event from last night and I think I might watch The Last Jedi in a bit when I've cleaned up a few more achievements in Halo.

So yeah, that'll about do it. I'll make a bit of a plan for the week and try and think of some good stuff to write about, don't forget, if you've got any requests of stuff for me to write about, to send them over.

#sundaylunch #food #cleaning #housework #wrestling #lazy #weekendedition


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