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Catching Up With Teesh

I just want to preface this post by saying that I wrote while probably a little more than half cut after getting back home last night and before falling asleep on the sofa.

I spent a few hours this evening catching up with one of my best friends.

Teesh and Jamie have moved back to Southampton and it’s awesome having a good friend to grab a beer with and shoot the shit.

Me and Teesh have been friends for over a decade, from our time working together at the comic book shop. Our lives have taken us different directions and locations but we’ve always remained good friends and shared a lot of the same friends.

Tonight was really nice, Sara was at work then an awards ceremony so she’s not going to be home until tomorrow evening. I knew that if I just came home and didn’t do anything I’d get lonely, bored and just end up going to bed, so I gave Teesh a shout and we went for a couple of beers to catch up.

Their doggo, Titan, is an instant celebrity in the cool bars I showed her around the top end of town. He’s god damned adorable though so I’m not surprised that he seemingly stole the hearts of everyone he met.

Me and Teesh used to be super close, working together every day will do that, so there was and still is a ton to catch up with but it’s great that they’re back in town now as we’ll be able to see a lot more of them and I think it will be fruitful in not just a friendship level but in a creative and possibly financial way too!

At the very least we’ve got a new friendly pupster to play with, babysit and introduce to the whole open world of New Forest walks!

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