• James Hewlett

Goodbye, FITWR

So today I was listening to my slate of podcasts and was shocked and added to hear that it was going to be the final episode of Fighting In The War Room.

This podcast was generally classified as a film and tv show but they often covered everything else in the pop culture. The four hosts were friends from college and have each gone on to have very successful careers at different media outlets but they kept up their friendship and podcasted together every week.

Matt Patches, David Ehrlich, Katey Rich and Dave Gonzales had amazing and natural chemistry and they managed to pull off that magical thing of making you feel like you were joining in with friends having a conversation about whatever the topic was that episode.

The format of the show was great with two longer topics and a shorter mini segment in the middle and every twenty five episodes they broke up the regular format for a more personal episode more about them and their relationship to a particular piece of media.

The show is ending for pretty good reasons at least, they're all older, busier and in vastly different places, not just geographically. Three of the four of them have got married over the course of the show (leading to some of the most fun episodes) and Katey and Patches both have kids now too.

I'm really going to miss this show, whenever a major event happened or news broke about just about anything I would always look forward to hearing what these four super smart and entertaining people would have to say about it.

Thankfully most of them have other podcasts or at least guest on shows I listen to frequently enough that I won't have to hunt far to find more content from any of them.

I really recommend the show even though it has finished, I think I'm going to go back and listen to older episodes every now and then to get a fix and I look forward to listening to those older topics with the context of how things may have worked out.

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