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Pompey Wrestling

Went to another Rev Pro wrestling show tonight, this one in Portsmouth. Pete came down and stayed with us so he and I had a few beers as Sara kindly drove for us.

We got there just as the first match started and as it was unreserved seating we kind of just had to find wherever we could.

I think we got lucky though as we seemed to be sat in quite a lively area and the crowd were super into the show. The chants started up straight away and didn’t let up. I was quite proud of getting one started that pretty much last the rest of the match and even came back later on too.

It’s weird, this should have been by all rights a much smaller show that the London one we went to recently but the wealth of talent at there tonight was insane! Some big starts from the US and Japan were there and they all put on an amazing show.

We all had a really good time despite Sara being quite achey by the time it was over and we got home. Me and Pete stayed up finishing off our beers and watching more wrestling until we were falling asleep.

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