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Shitty Saturday

Urgh. What a day. Well, what a morning is more accurate.

So I haven’t mentioned much about the follow up from me singing that car a few weeks ago because there hasn’t really been much follow up. The dude was going to get a quote and let me know, but I hadn’t heard anything and was really hoping he was just going to leave it.

That changed this morning when, at 8:30 in the morning he knocked on my door, waking me up in a dazed state.

It turns out he’d been trying to contact me using a wrong number and was worried that I was trying to ditch him... despite the fact that he knew who I was and where I lived.

Well, he had gotten a quote and it was frankly ridiculous. I checked my insurance policies in hopes of it being covered by something but no such luck. I was pretty stressed out by the whole situation but after speaking to my mum and Paul they gave me some good advice, stuff I knew already but needed to be told as I wasn’t thinking straight.

I went round and spoke to him and told him that there was no way I could afford the quote he had got but that I was willing to shop around a bit and see if I could find something cheaper. He was really nice and appreciated the situation and so I got onto that. After going to a few places and making a few calls I found one at less than half the price. Still expensive, but comparatively much much better.

I actually ended up going back to the garage with the guy so we could get an exact quote and we all agreed on it.

Later on in the afternoon I actually went round to my mum and Paul’s as they’d found and got a bike rack for us for the car. They’d got a good deal online. It was a really sweet gesture but not as much as Paul offering to help out with the cost of the repairs. I couldn’t be more appreciative of that.

I don’t really know what my biggest take away from this whole thing is? Cars are stupid and everyone should just drive bangers? I’m too nice and honest for my own good? Money is stupid? Paul is a really generous guy?

Probably a mix of all these things at various levels of sincerity...

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