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I had a really easy day today which allowed me time to catch up on a few Netflix shows I'd not finished. Last night I watched the last couple of episodes of the new season of Atypical, you can go back and find my thoughts of season one a while ago, they've not changed, I still really enjoy that show.

Today though I finally finished off the third and final season of Love, the Paul Rust/Gillian Jacobs show co-created by Rust and Judd Apatow.

This show is definitely not for everyone, a lot of people were turned off by the first season as they found very little redeeming about any of the main characters and the show to be unrelatable. I get that completely and wouldn't ever encourage people to continue if they didn't enjoy the show after a couple of episodes, but I'm not alone in really enjoying it. I think this show hits with my generation quite well, it is very 'LA' which is a specific kind of vibe, but it also strikes a note on the struggles of relationships in the current time. Not just romantic relationships, but friendships and dealing with family as well. I think it is very good at not sugarcoating problems people have and showing how messy peoples lives our. I find myself torn between thinking one character is being completely out of line and the other totally reasonable and vice versa whenever an argument or disagreement happens on the show, which is a lot!

Gillian Jacobs' character has a lot of struggles with addiction and is kind of a train wreck when we first are introduced to her and Paul Rust's character seems to have his life in order but is just a bit awkward and lonely. For lesser shows that would be the only defining feature of the two but this show, over the course of three tight seasons lets them grow and develop throughout. Are they better people by the end? It's debatable, but they're different. They have evolved and thats great to watch.

I'm glad the show only ran three seasons, I think in the middle of seasons two and three it lulled a little bit, at least the A plots did, but they always bought it round to a satisfying conclusion. It isn't the kind of series that needed to go on longer, if they did it would really feel like the writers would be forcing situations. The timeline of the show is only about eight months or so too, so you never know, they might do another season years down the line with a big time jump and catch up with these characters. Kind of line Linklater's 'Before' series but for TV.

Next up on my 'shows I need to catch up on' list is season two of Glow.

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