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Short Week

Today was the last day of the week at work for me. I have tomorrow off as we're heading up to London for RTX at the weekend. I cannot wait!

It's been a weirdly easy week at work this week, and when I've been driving through the forest and getting views like this regularly it really makes me realise that my job is pretty cushy.

I'm just sat waiting for Sara to get home at the moment, I finished pretty early today thinking she was too but she has been doing some good networking afterwork and isn't back yet. I fancied going for a beer, still do, if I'd known earlier she wasn't going to be back I would have probably gone out and met her in town, but I have a feeling now that by the time she gets back we'll probably end up just crashing out.

We've also got to pack and get stuff sorted around the house before we leave tomorrow.

Next few days might not get updates day of, but I'll be taking plenty of pictures and hopefully remember to write myself notes so I can recap each day when I get back.

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