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RTX London '18 Day 3

Second day of the show started off the way it would continue. We lingered between the queueing areas of two panels before they opened as Ed wanted to go to one and the rest of us were heading for the other. When the mad rush seemed to be heading to the Funhaus panel Ed immediately bailed and joined us in the FIRST Look panel.

It was a good all-rounder of a panel, they showed parts and clips from a bunch of upcoming productions. Most of which don’t have a set release date yet. It was pretty cool seeing just how diverse they’ve gotten in recent years. From a weird sketch comedy show, to an animated show with an all-star voice cast to a documentary about immigration along the Texas/Mexico boarder and a scripted live action drama, they’ve got a bit of everything coming up.

Sara and I ducked out just before the end as we were hoping to get into a panel immediately after but it ended up being one of the busiest of the day and in a smaller room so they ended up capping the line just in front of us.

We went back to the store as they were in fact doing three for two on most t-shirts. I picked up one that I had been looking at on Saturday and Sara got two she really liked, one of which we hadn’t seen at all the previous day some how.

The guys were hanging out so they could definitely get into the live taping of On The Spot, the Rooster Teeth game show, so we joined up with them and managed to get some good seats for that. Again, Sara and I were trying to be cleaver and ducked out early to get into Off Topic which was going to be the last panel of the show. Some of the guys who were going to be on that panel were on On The Spot and were already pretty drunk so we knew it was going to be a fun episode.

It was definitely packed but because of some good observation, timing and luck we were able to get in with Fred too.

It was a really great way to end the show.

We said goodbye to everyone and got back in the car, unfortunately the tunnel we were meant to take across the Thames closed as we were on approach and we got rerouted along with every other bastard in London adding about and hot and a half to our journey home.

We made it eventually though, stopping at Fleet for burgers and to watch a little of all the NFL drama that was going on in almost every game.

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