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RTX London '18 Day 2

First day of the con itself. Woke up to a message from Ed saying that he and the friends of his we met last year that were with him again were nearly at the ExCell. We got up and sorted ourselves out and by the time we met them they’d picked up breakfast for us. Lovely.

Sara and I both had our designated signings with some of the Rooster Teeth guests early on so we head into the main show floor when it first opened and did a little looking around. There was a company over from Australia exhibiting at their first ever European show that Ed was excited to check out. They made really nice looking and feeling dice for D&D and other role playing games. They’re all hand crafted and completely unique. Sara and I both enjoyed looking at them but for the price there was no chance in hell we would consider buying any. Ed on the other hand left with a full set plus a nice wooden case and a much lighter wallet.

Sara and I joined our respective signing lines knowing that we would be there for the next hour or so.

I had managed to get on to the booking site straight away and got a ticket for Geoff Ramsey’s signing session, he’s a favourite of us both. Sara hadn’t had such luck as the site had been swamped almost immediately and so by the time she was able to get back on the only one of interested to either of us was the guys from Kinda Funny.

I’m a fan of their stuff and listen to their main podcast regularly so I said to Sara that I was happy to swap when we had sorted those tickets out last week.

It turns out I had been one of only eight weekend badge holders to get a Geoff slot as all the others had gone two days prior, to the platinum badge holders when they had exclusive access.

Some how the two lines moved at just the right pace that we were done meeting and greeting at exactly the same time, which was cool.

We hit the bar and went to see if we could get in line for the first panel we were interested in of the day, Achievement Hunter.

Despite it being super busy we were able to get in and watch the panel. A lot of the people we came to see were on there so we felt pretty good about the weekend ahead as there is no way you can make it into all the panels you want to.

After failing to get into the RT Podcast panel and grabbing some lunch, Sara and I decided to hit the main store and pick up the bits and bobs of exclusive merch we were interested in. We didn’t go crazy, I picked up a couple of t-shirts and Sara got a hoodie, they had just released anew card game we wanted to get too, so we were glad to get that. After last year we knew there was a good chance that later in the day on Sunday they might put other t-shirts on a reduced offer to save them shipping inventory back to Texas so we put down anything we were willing to miss out on.

We met back up with the boys and walked the show floor a bit more. We played some games, had some fun and then decided to head back to our hotel lobby before going out for the night.

Fred, one of Ed’s friends, had to leave us but Sara, Ed, Alex and I hopped on the DLR and tube and went to Shoreditch where I had spotted a good barbecue joint. We had really enjoyed gorging on meat and beer last year so to keep up tradition did similar again. It was gooooood!

Sara had found out about a couple of really fun sounding places nearby, one was full to online bookings and the other was close by so we decided to try that one first. Bounce is an underground, late night bar/ping pong place. It seemed really cool but they were packed out already and we didn’t feel like waiting.

The first place that had take. Our fancy though was Junkyard Golf, a put-put (or crazy golf) place about twenty minutes away. We knew of lots of bars close by if it was a no go so decided to try there.

We lucked out and got in and on to one of their four courses straight away. It, combined with cocktails and lots of us making silly bird noises, was awesome and so much fun. Doing something like that beats just going to a bar any day of the week.

We were pretty beat after all that, having not stopped for sixteen hours, so Sara and I went back to the hotel and were asleep before our heads even hit the pillow.

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