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It's It's A Household Blitz

I managed to finish work pretty early today so when I got home I stayed productive. We've had quite a few bugs in the house since the summer broke and it started cooling down a little and it has been driving me nuts. I just felt kind of gross in my own home. So we got some strong bug killer stuff and I wanted to go to town with all over but first I cleaned up all over. The house is never too messy, but when it's completely tidy it does feel really nice. I spread the bug stuff around and while it was doing its thing I cleaned up other rooms and so on. Theres still a few loads of laundry to be done but with Ed coming down this weekend for some Gloomhaven action I think that'll have to wait. There's just not going to be enough space to hang everything out to dry otherwise.

I'm hoping that tiding up the bedroom will encourage Sara to do what she's been meaning to do for ages but keeps putting off, sorting out her side of the wardrobe. As it is at the moment it kind of overflows to the point of an almost constant floordrobe and the few draws she has are quite literally bursting.

By the time I finished up all that I was ready to just vegetate out on the nice and clean sofa so that's what I've been doing. I just finished up season two of Netflix's American Vandal. That show continues to be an amazing parody of the true crime genre while also being a captivating entry into itself.

As I said, Ed is down this weekend so updates might either be brief or late but that's just because we're too busy playing boardgames for me to write much.

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