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Long Drives and Late Nights

I drove a hundred and eighty miles for work today!

It’s been a busy week, early starts (earlier than my usual early) are the new norm, I’m cool with it though. I’d much rather start early than finish late. I’ve got a healthy amount of overtime built up so far this month, I’m only going to add to it too.

Nothing like Ed though, dude started work at three am every day this week and was hoping to be done by about one pm and asleep on my sofa when I got home at quarter to five.... nope. He finished at six, fuck doing a fifteen hour day in a dark editing room. That is the unglamorous side of film making right there.

I’m waiting for him to get here. We’re going to head into town for some beers and tacos and, if it’s not too late, to meet up with Rutter.

I’ve been watching the special features for Solo: A Star Wars Story this evening. I got a kick out of them talking about Fawley power station and an even bigger kick at seeing the plate shot I watching being filmed before it had the Corellian backdrop added in post.

Having a facial hair dilemma at the moment. I always need to have something going on or else I look twelve but I can’t decide what to do with it. I’m rocking a bit of a goatee out tonight, I’ll see how I feel about it later, I quite like that it makes my face less moon shaped though.

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