• James Hewlett

Gaming... For A Reason.

It's a Friday night, Sara's on a split and then going out for drinks with work people afterward so I'm by myself this evening. I've got some food in the oven at the moment so this is going to be brief.

My plan for the evening is to play as much of LIS 2.1 as I can, possibly even finish it. I'm going to take notes as I play though so I can write an decent review for it soon.

I'm also working on my post for next Tuesday as that'll be kind of a cool milestone. I'll probably be doing bits and bobs with that over the weekend too.

I really need to do some more of my writing course, I've neglected doing that for a little while now due to either being busy or spending time with Sara. I quite like doing it by myself, I guess I could chuck on headphones and stuff, but when we're home together we like doing stuff together so I've not had too much time to put to it. I really want to though. I miss writing stuff that isn't just this.

Anyway, I'm going to eat now and then jump into Life Is Strange. Later.

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