• James Hewlett

Island and Boats

I’m back on a boat again today, eventually at least. I had an early start this morning being at work for six thirty so that I could make the seven forty five boat I was booked on. I got there in time but they’d had lots of problems already so that one was already full... the next boat they thought they could get me on wasn’t until midday, which was when I was due to be returning in order to do more jobs in Portsmouth later on.

After many phone calls to my depot and conversations with the people at the terminal I managed to get on the next boat out, the eight forty five... sailing at nine thirty. Confused yet?

Due to this delay my office altered my return booking getting me on a three o’clock boat back, meaning I’ll be missing most of the Portsmouth work but should have enough time to do the work on the island.

These trips go one of two ways, either they’re a nice day out that is pretty chill or it’s a complete pain in the ass like today.

I was hoping to go out for a drink this evening but after being up stupid early and now having a busy day at work I don’t think I’m going to have the energy to do anything except crash out on the sofa and inevitably fall asleep.

Oh hey... I just saw a peregrine falcon... the captain of this boat is clearly a bird nerd. Good for him.

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