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Sleepy Solo Saturday

I've had a really busy week with work and was very tired by the end of it. I literally fell asleep with an xbox controller in my hand while playing the new Tomb Raider last night.

Sara has been on a long day today too, after doing a close last night I'm sure she's going to be absolutely beat when she gets home in an hour or two. I had no plans for the day today and am not at all ashamed to say that I have spent most of it doing nothing. My post today is going to be nothing of substance either so unless you want to read about my day, see ya later.

I was woken up by a fucking telemarking call of some sort, I've had a bunch of them this week. I usually have a bit of fun torturing the poor sap on the other end, especially when I'm in my van and they come through via bluetooth. Today they got a less than savoury response for waking me up before blocking that number.

I didn't even try to go back to sleep, there was a dumb wrestling special event on in Australia today and because of the time difference it started at ten am. So I got up and put that on for however long it was. I did manage to get laundry on and stuff while half watching, half dozing though.

When that was done I didn't waste any time, the lightbulb in our bathroom upstairs went last night so I went on a mission to try and replace it... of course its the most obscure bulb in the world that absolutely nowhere locally stocks so I gave up and headed home, via Asda for a couple of beers, and ordered it online. It's a bit of a pain in the ass, but until we own our own home and can fully trick it out how we want, one of the things we have to just deal with.

When I got home I did some other bits and bobs around the house, standard stuff, hanging out the laundry, doing the dishes, that kind of thing before settling in and playing Shadow of the Tomb Raider again for a couple of hours and then watching Solo while I had some dinner. Now I'm just dipping into a bit of Forza Horizon 4 on GamePass and watching TV while I wait for Sara to finish up and get home.

It's been a quiet day, but exactly what I needed I think. Tomorrow will either be similar because Sara will be exhausted too or we'll end up doing fun stuff to keep ourselves awake. I'm cool with either. I do think we might end up using that 7Bone voucher at some point though.

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