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Burgers & Brews

Today has been a really nice day. I'd say we slept in late but we were both awake before nine, it's just late for us and we woke up naturally and were cool with it. By the time we were up and going it was a couple of hours later, we had a few bits we wanted to do out and about so instead of sitting and getting comfy we got going.

Sara needed to go to our favourite beer shop, for science, I wasn't going to complain. She had to pick up some beers to do training with her staff tomorrow and while we were there we also got some stuff for us too.

From there we went up to 7Bone to use our voucher on some tasty burgers. Only problem was that we were a little early, so we wandered up through Portswood and found a new craft beer/coffee bar and got a half each while we killed a bit of time.

Southampton really does have an awesome craft beer scene. Not everywhere that opens up last long term, but they all do something a little different and I dig it.

Our burgers were perfect, as usual, and we were almost ready to fall into a food coma. On our way home we swung into Homebase though so we could pick up some dirt and support sticks for all our herbs and chilli plants outside now that the weather is starting to get a bit tougher for them to handle. While Sara got on with that I set up Pandemic Legacy Season 2 so we could get a game in before the football all started at six. A nap was in order first though.

We came close with our game but lost it. We were both ready to go again straight away but after doing all the post-game stuff involved with the legacy game it was about time for the NFL to kick off and we also had other things we wanted to do tonight so we packed it up but left it on the table to get back to tomorrow.

Neither of our teams are on at the moment so we've just had Redzone on watching highlights of all the games. It's fun, but I'm not nearly as invested as I am when I just focus on one game.

Now Sara is sat drawing and catching up on her 'Inktober' challenge and I'm, well, writing this and finding reference images for the miniatures we're going to paint at some point this week.

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