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Star Wars Resistance

Today the first three episodes of the brand new animated series, Star Wars Resistance, became available and I obviously devoured them as quickly as I could.

The new series is a bit of a departure from The Clone Wars and Rebels which proceeded it tonally, stylistically and in time frame.

At least so far there doesn't appear to be any connective elements from those two shows and considering that they were set pre-ROTS and AHN respectively and this one takes place some time before The Force Awakens, I doubt there will be many characters crossing over.

With the new time frame comes a whole cast of new characters and these first few episodes do a pretty good job of introducing you to a few of them. I feel like we have a good idea who the main character Kaz is, he reminds me a lot of Sokka from Avatar. A New Republic X-Wing pilot recruited by Poe Dameron (with Oscar Issac reprising his role from the movies) into the Resistance to act as a spy on a planet-side station full of all kinds of colourful characters. Flying and more specifically racing is the main entertainment and source of revenue for most of the station and Kaz, who aspirers to be the best pilot he can be, quickly gets wrapped up in the scene.

He's hooked up with an old buddy of Poe's named Yeager working at his mechanics shop and befriends another employee, Neeku.

While we do get to meet most of the other cast members briefly, so far I think these three are who we've got the best idea about.

The new art style was jarring for a lot of people when the trailer first dropped, but then so was the style for The Clone Wars... and Rebels. People don't like change and are quick to dismiss.

Personally I thought this new show looked great, the character models are a little basic, but all the ships, scenery and technology looks great and with such an emphasis being placed on that side of things in this show I think it fits nicely.

I also wasn't put off by slightly more simple looking characters, it reminded me a lot of some of Rooster Teeth's animation style for RWBY or the up-coming GenLock.

The tone of the show is still quite light hearted. It is a kids cartoon after all. I don't know if this series is planned to go for multiple seasons but if it is I can see it following the formula of the previous two Dave Filoni produced series; starting very whimsical and accessible and growing and maturing more as it goes on. It seems as though we're set not long before the events of The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi so if they keep going we would inevitably pass beyond that time frame and the galaxy is a much darker place. While I can't imagine this show ever being grim or gritty I could see the stakes certainly being raised.

It's far too early to say if this is a great show yet or not but I enjoyed the first three episodes and I can't wait to see more. I'm a sucker for star fighter stuff in Star Wars so seeing all the new ships and stuff was right up my alley. I can't wait to watch episodes of this with my nephew and niece. They're going to absolutely love it!

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