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I was knackered after work this evening and was quite happy to just sit and chill out on the sofa not doing a whole lot. I played Tomb Raider for a few hours but was starting to feel a bit gross so I decided to take a bath.

I sorted the light out in there the other day and it's mostly been fine, this picture makes it look quite dull but that's just the camera lens compensating from being pointed directly at it. Sara did say that it went out on her a couple of times the other morning though so I figured there is still a dodgy connection in there. I plan on sorting it out at the weekend.

I had been laid there reading a comic book for a while when the light went out on me for a few moments before popping back on. I realised it was going to probably start doing this and reading was going to become a real challenge. I was also ready to just let my eyes close naturally, so instead of fighting it I just turned the light off completely and laid there in the dark. Our bathroom upstairs doesn't have any natural light and because I had the door closed and no other lights on upstairs it was completely black. I couldn't even see my hands in front of my face. It almost felt like being in a sensory deprivation tank!

I've done a few meditation things before, breathing exercises, that kind of thing, always guided by an app or programme of some sort. They're really good, I like them and definitely see the benefit, but while I was laying there I soaked a sponge in cold water and sat it on my forehead. I wasn't trying to waterboard myself, it was just to keep me from getting too hot. It felt great actually.

I just let my mind go completely blank and focused on long deep breaths. I soon felt totally relaxed and refreshed.

Not long after I'd got out and dried off and whatnot Sara go home from work and asked if I fancied a drink. Because I wasn't still pooped I was game so we just went to our local and had a drink while talking about our days, it was really nice.

Very glad for the weekend now too!

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