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Reorganising The NFL

I'm currently sat at Sara's pub waiting for her to finish while I have a pint and think about what pizza we should get tonight. It's Sunday, that means it's almost time for another night of NFL action. There's a London game today too but we're not there watching it and I'm missing it.

It got me thinking about all the teams and everything though so I decided to rearrange the league. Currently the thirty-two teams are split into AFC and NFC conferences and then a North, South, East and West division in each conference. The four teams in each division play each other twice every season and then divisions are paired off against each other to form the rest of the sixteen game regular season schedule.

The geography of the divisions doesn't make a lick of sense so I thought I'd reshuffle them into an equally non-sensical split.

I have four categories, based on the team name/logo/representation; birds, quadrupeds, men and mythical/other.

I had to make a few judgement calls and interpretations to shuffle everything out. For instance the Steelers doesn't necessarily need to fall into the category of Men but a little bit of history will make that make sense, same with the Packers. The Texans probably could have gone into that category, but it's a pretty ambiguous name. I was going to split it out further but I figured four was a good starting point. As you can see, there are less birds than other categories but in my mind that just leaves plenty of room for expansion or teams to move.

After that you could split into smaller sub-groups if needed. So you could have Horses, Big Cats, Job Roles, Pirates, Racists, etc...

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