• James Hewlett

TV and Sofa Sleeps

Sara had a long day at work yesterday so by the time she got home I’d already eaten. She was planning on having the left over pizza from Sunday anyway so it wasn’t a problem. She must have only been home for an hour or so before we were comfortably sat on the sofa watching some TV. We caught up on last weeks episodes of Always Sunny and South Park. Both were fantastic. South Park has become so irreverent and on topic that I think it’s one of those shows that you have to watch week to week or not at all. For me it’s similar to watching Last Week Tonight with John Oliver or The Daily Show. When I was thinking about that it made me realise that some of the best political talk on TV doesn’t come from a news channel, it comes from Comedy Central!

I know we put something else on after that but I couldn’t tell you what. We were fast asleep and didn’t wake up until gone midnight. Seeing as we both wake up early these days we went straight to bed. It’s weird, I felt like I had a full night’s sleep despite only being in bed for a few hours. We’ve got sleeping on the sofa down to a fine art!

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