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Let's Talk About Chuck Wendig

I don’t know how long this post is going to be. I’ve got two things to talk about but if I go long on the first I’m going to not worry about the second as it’s not really as substantive.

Last week author Chuck Wendig was fired by Marvel/Lucasfilm/Disney for, “The negativity and obscenity,” his twitter account brings on the companies mentioned.

Wendig was most well known, at least by me, for his work in Star Wars novels and a few Star Wars comics published by Marvel.

The Aftermath trilogy he wrote garnered a lot of criticism for a variety of reasons. Many people weren’t a fan of his prose or style of storytelling, a totally valid thing, not everything is going to be for everyone. I didn’t get on too well with the first novel when I first started reading it but upon listening to the audiobook I actually enjoyed all three quite a lot. That’s probably a testament to narrator Marc Thompson and the production values of those books more than anything.

Unfortunately from what I’ve seen most of the negativity against the book was from people moaning about in-story things. New directions and inclusions in the canon. People didn’t like the fact that there was a prominent female Imperial officer, that one of the lead characters was gay or that the Star Wars universe was catering to ‘lib-tards.’

The gross corners of the internet rear up again.

Now, I’m going to try and play devils advocate, Chuck Wendig was not afraid to get into heated arguments with people who directed hate towards him. He has never been shy about facing those people in a very public way and could often go off on scathing rants. That’s sure to run some people the wrong way and I could see an instance of him going after someone online and it cause backlash against him in regards to his work.

That is how Disney and it’s affiliates are trying to spin this it feels.

He’s also a very outspoken democrat and is highly critical of the Trump administration and the Republican government.

After the recent confirmation of a, at very very least, morally questionable Supreme Court justice Wendig went off on a long twitter rant.

This got him on a few radars he might not have been on before and it would appear that it made its way to Ike Perlmutter, the CEO of Marvel Entertainment and vocal/financial Trump supporter. This guy is basically a part of the presidential cabinet without being a government official.

This is a really bad look for Marvel, Lucasfilm and their parent company Disney, especially considering the similar circumstances to James Gunn’s firing in July. The only difference I can see is that Gunn’s problematic tweets were from a decade ago and Wendig’s were from a week ago. Hell, the guy was at NYCC just a couple of weeks ago announcing a new Star Wars comic mini-series which he has subsequently been fired from midway through. That just doesn’t happen!

It’s a scary time to be an outspoken creator in America. I don’t want these people to stop expressing their feelings or opinions and don’t think they should be in a position where everything they hit send they could be jeopardising their careers... telling them all to delete those accounts and keep their mouths closed just feels like a victory for the unjust, even if it is the safer bet at the moment.

Yeah that went longer, I thought it might. I’ll leave the rest for today. If this is the first you’ve heard about this and are interested a quick search online will bring up a lot more articles with more details written by people way smarter than me, but I feel like I’ve done my job by getting more eyeballs on these problems.

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