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Planning For Extra Life

Over the last few weeks Rooster Teeth have started promoting their annual ExtraLife stream and it got me thinking and planning.

ExtraLife is a charity set up by Penny Arcade that helps children hospitals across America. It's an awesome organisation and seems to really bring out the best in gamers, a group that doesn't normally seem to be the best people in the world.

The idea behind the event is to raise money while gaming for twenty four hours. That could be video games, board games, card games, parlour games, lawn games, tabletop RPGs, anything and everything. It is always held on a Saturday in autumn, usually early November. They have a day picked out but encourage you to pick whatever is best for your own schedule.

A lot of groups come together to host events and a lot live-stream there's online while taking donations for the charity. I've been watching Rooster Teeth's stream for years and seeing the growth and effort they have put in is amazing and really inspiring.

All that, combined with Sara doing the Great South Run for charity this weekend, inspired me and made me want to participate in ExtraLife this year, well, the UK equivalent. It also lined up nicely with the start of two weeks I've got off work.

I started thinking about it, about all the practicalities of setting it up and everything and in order to pull it off to the quality I'd want to in order to be happy with it and two and a half weeks isn't enough time to do that.

So I'm not going to do it this year, I'm going to do the same thing I did last year which was was play games while watching RT the whole time.

I've got some plans though and know what I need to do by next year so I'm setting that as a goal. I need to learn how to stream on Twitch, both footage from the consoles and live action picture in picture. We've already got a lot of the physical equipment required, I just need to figure out how to use it all for the the purposes I need. Ideally I'd like one camera on the sofa and one on the table to capture any tabletop games we'd play. I can stream from the xbox already so just need to sort out how to implement everything together.

We would need to get other people involved too, I'd like to have people coming in and out for as long as they can on some sort of schedule so that it keeps it interesting for everyone for the twenty four hours. I would obviously also need to figure out the details of the charity side of it too.

So there is plenty to do but also plenty of time to do it. I like having that goal on the horizon.

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