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It's been a long week, I'm tired and I'm on my fifth(?) beer so I'll keep it short.

I just finished watching the first episode of RevPro's TV. I've talked about each of the Revolution Pro Wrestling shows that I've been too and how much I've enjoyed them. They've got a good working relationship with New Japan Pro Wrestling, probably the second largest promotion in the world and I think it's fair to say the most prestigious, so they are able to get a lot of the guys over from there to work shows and now appear on their weekly show too.

I'm actually friends with one of the guys from RevPro, I met him through work when he was also working a retail job and we just got to chatting about wrestling one day. I got a kick out of seeing him move up through the ranks at live shows to the point where he was in one of the top matches last time I saw him. In this premiere episode of their show he was being interviewed by a pretty well known commentary guy who started out with the WWE years ago and now does all the English language stuff for NJPW. That was awesome to see and he's clearly being set up for a notable storyline in the future.

British wrestling is at an, at least in my lifetime, all time high at the moment and I'm really happy that it is getting this televised exposure. They're airing at nine pm on Friday nights on FreeSports, which might not be the biggest channel going, but as the name implies is free and accessible to everyone. Our TV isn't even plugged into an aerial, we don't watch ANYTHING live but I was able to watch this via the Apple TV really easily. I think that they're futureproofing themselves being on a network like that. I hope people check it out and enjoy it enough to go to a show when they're near by as it is such a fun atmosphere.

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