• James Hewlett

Productivity, ish.

Today didn’t seem busy on paper but I was, I knew I wanted to finish off Tomb Raider so I managed to get that done in the morning. I used most of the rest of the day to do stuff around the house. Nothing exciting, but all stuff that needed doing. It felt productive.

Early evening rolled round and I was just about to watch a movie while waiting for Sara to finish work when our group chat for the fantasy league lit up, one of our out-of-towners, Jack, was going to a gig in Southampton so I headed in to grab a drink with him, Mitchell was near by too so he joined us and when Sara finished work she met us too. We didn’t stay out long but it was just the right amount for a Saturday night.

#productive #housework #videogames #achievement #xbox #friends #social #nightlife


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