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A Parable, I Think

Let me tell you a story.

It's a story about three groups of people.

All three of these groups are in a body of water;

The first group are swimming down a river. They're okay, they sometimes get tired and have to treat water for a while. Sometimes they may dip their heads under the water but they're always there for each other to pull the other back up and then they keep heading down the river. They know don't know how long the river is but they know it'll lead somewhere nice. They've just got to keep swimming.

The second group are also on a river. They left their nice lake behind because the river running parallel to it looked really fun!

They're really enjoying this river. It's rapids and a lot of excitement.

The only problem is that this river leads to a big waterfall and everyone can see it apart from them.

They might be able to catch a branch and avoid the waterfall before they get to it, and if they do they'll have made it look amazing and everyone will be very impressed. But there is still a waterfall there and most people think they're going to go over it.

The last group lived in a nice lake, it might not be as nice as it once was, but it's their lake and most people would be happy in it.

These people are so unhappy in their lake that one day they swim to the bottom and see there is a big plug!

They decide, fuck it, lets pull the plug and see where it takes us.

They ride the draining lake all the way down saying, "Wee! What an adventure."

No one knows where the drain leads, it could be a lush new lake but it could also be the sewer.

I could have written the bible.

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