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Thank You, Roman

Okay, I'm going to nerd out about wrestling today so if that's not your jam, I'll see ya tomorrow.

I don't watch the weekly main roster TV shows from the WWE, most of the time they're trash. I'll watch the monthly big events and I keep an eye on the news week to week.

This morning I woke up and noticed a few messages from friends regarding last nights episode of Raw so when I had a couple of minutes I read a recap of the episode and ended up watching a few highlights.

I think it may end up being one of the most important episodes of the show in years, but for completely unfortunate reasons.

Roman Reigns has been pushed as the face of the company for the past few years, pretty much since I came back to watching wrestling. A lot of people have been massively critical of his push as it felt very forced so despite being presented mostly as a babyface he's booed like the biggest heel in the industry.

Last night at the top of the show he came to the ring and announced that the leukaemia he beat into remission when he was in his early twenties has returned. Due to this he's relinquished his title and is stepping away with the intention of returning when he's healthy again.

The loss of one member of the roster might not seem like a big deal, these guys get hurt fairly regularly and often miss anything from a couple of weeks to a year at a time, hell, Reigns missed a couple of months at the end of the year last year himself. These sorts of absences throw a spanner in the works for upcoming storylines and require a few tweaks, but they never tend to affect the grand scheme of things.

This ones different. This one is going to change a lot and for a long time.

Some of that change started to take effect before the end of the show last night. One of Reigns team mates turned on the other positioning himself as a heel. Other members of the roster turned babyface and a lot was left in limbo.

The championship that Reigns vacated will be awarded to the winner of a match at an upcoming show that is, as of writing this, scheduled to take place in Saudi Arabia in a couple of weeks. I could do a whole post about that alone but for the interest of keeping this to a decent length I'll won't go into why that's a terrible idea.

The problem they really have is that with Roman gone and a few other big stars out for an indeterminate length of time with injuries is that Raw is really suffering from a depleted roster.

Now this is wild speculation on my part but it has some grounds; There is a group of huge stars from New Japan Pro Wrestling, Ring Of Honor and the independent who's contracts are all about to expire and they've been very public about the fact that they've been courted by just about every player in the game.

I could definitely see a situation in which Vince McMahon see's the next couple of years with Roman Reigns around to anchor his show around and decides to throw all the money in the world at Kenny Omega, The Young Bucks, Cody and the rest of The Elite they can get hold of.

It's a really interesting time bought on by a very sad situation.

I never hated Roman Reigns the way some did but I was by no means a fan. I definitely wouldn't wish leukaemia on anyone though and I wish all the best to Joe Anoa'i and his entire family. The dude is only a couple of years older than me. It's a scary though.

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