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Boat Books

I’m on a boat again today, it’s become a regular thing. I like it, I seem to get a good lot of writing done but today I can’t think of anything to write or muster up the enthusiasm to deep dive one of the topics I’ve got filed away.

I have just started reading a new book, I’ve got two on the go at the moment actually. One on Audible, The Wise Man’s Fear. The follow up to The Name Of The Wind. It’s really great, sprawling fantasy. I think Game of Thrones crossed with Harry Potter is the best description I could give.

There is apparently some form of TV show, movie and game adaptions in different stages of development so I’m sure you’ll hear all about the Kingkiller Chronicles more in the next few years, he might even get round to publishing the final part of the trilogy... fantasy writers are the worst.

The other book I picked up on a whim because it looked interesting. It’s a murder mystery set in a slightly futuristic London. It’s all set over one day and have a fast pace to it. It should be quite a quick read and a couple of chapters in I’m really enjoying it. It’s called The Real-Town Murders.

I think that’s going to be all for today unless I think of something else and write more on the way back from the Isle of Wight. If so you can probably see that below this....

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