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Thursday Night Social

I don’t know what it is about Thursday evenings but they’ve sneakily become a good night for board games, socialising or both.

I finished work early today, despite still managing to get some over time, so by the time I was home and we’d chilled for a bit we were both hungry. It wasn’t until after we’d eaten that we realised it was only five thirty!

I think our body clocks were a little skewed because we went to bed so early last night. I don’t know what it was but after Sara being asleep on me for an hour and a half and me being out for about half an hour as well I called it and we were in bed fast asleep by nine thirty.

Back to this evening though. After dinner we decided to bust out Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 and play the next month. We managed to narrowly beat it and upon checking what the next infection cards would have been if we had been delayed by one more turn we’d have lost. That’s the sign of a brilliantly balanced game.

Neither of us just wanted to sit and watch TV after that so we pinged a message over to some friends while getting ourselves together and went for a drink in town.

I wasn’t able to listen to it, so it was nice hearing from Mitchell how his first radio show went. There were teething problems, obviously, but he’s still enthusiastic about it which is great.

Anyway, I’m writing this a day late and I still need to do today’s post before Red Dead installs. Later.

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