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MCM London Comic-Con

When we were at RTX last month Sara and I were talking about other cons and what was coming up.

MCM is the biggest one in the UK but since going to San Diego in '09 I've not been able to muster the enthusiasm to ever go before. Sara went years ago and had a great time and we've had nothing but fun at all the other similar things we've been to.

We talked about it at the time and said how we should go but kind of forgot about it until the end of the week last week.

On Saturday we thought about it and said, yeah why not, and decided to go up for the day today.

I didn't take too many pictures but I have to say I was impressed by the size of the event. They don't have a big selection of panels or anything, and none of the ones that were on were of any interest to us so we just walked the floor(s) mostly taking it all in and looking at all the cool stuff. A day is fine for that, any longer, without other programming, would feel like too long.

We were very good and didn't spend much money at all, Sara got three cool art prints and we went halves on a new board game, but that was pretty much it! Go us.

In what was a weird coincidence of circumstances we ended up running into my friend Scott who we haven't seen since the wedding. We just happened to be going to a small bar off in a corner as he was going into a panel right next to it. He was only there for the day as well and it was also his first time at the event. He called when he got out of his panel and we caught up. It was really nice.

There were a few other of our friends at the event but we didn't run into them and it's such a big thing and everyone is doing there own thing, I didn't want to pull anyone away from what they were there for. We were happy to have a look around and do stuff at our own pace.

The show definitely has a lot of anime and manga to it, as much as anything else, and there is hell of a lot of cos-play. I think thats been the biggest turn off for me in years past because, while I appreciate those things, they're not my particular interest. But I was happy to see that the artists alley section still was a decent size and was hosting a lot of talented people, big names and up and comers together. There was a lot of vendors selling all sorts of stuff, the quality of the stalls varied but everyone was having a good time and enthusiastic, so I can't critique.

I think we would go back again, but doing the same as this year, just for the day. It's pretty cheap for day tickets too, which is a bonus.

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