• James Hewlett

Not So Spooky Week

Last year around this time the blog was still new and I decided to use Halloween as an excuse to do a weeks worth of spooky related posts.

I'm not going to do that this year, partly because I've only just remembered that it is in fact Halloween, partly because I've got nothing in particular lined up for it... but mostly because all my spare time I'm playing Red Dead.

I can't stop. It's so good. Every single time I've sat down to play so far at least one thing has made me stop and think, "God damn! This is a video game?!"

It could be a graphical thing, an attention to detail, a feature, a lighting effect, anything, but there is always something.

I kind of forgot about doing seasonal batches of posts along the way this past year. It's a really good idea though. I should try and remember to come back to that as and when it's relevant. I will try and watch some spooky movies at least and write about them this week. I've never seen The Thing and always wanted to, I meant to watch it last year but never did. That's my homework I think.

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