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Missing Mr Kitty

So tonight we went round to Rutter and Liv's to play some board games, really enjoying making that a thing.

I would write more about that but there was a bigger thing today and going round there was kind of more of a mental distraction for us more than anything.

I noticed when I left for work this morning that the recently installed cat flap in our next door neighbours back gate had been removed and boarded over. It struck me as strange so I messaged Sara who looked out the window and noticed everything in her garden had gone too.

We're pretty friendly with Sue, she's a nice lady, lives by herself, has friends but doesn't seem to have any family that visit, but she's had the two cats the whole time we've lived here.

It's a bit of a longer story how she got them but she basically inherited them from our house and the other side of us.

Sue had some health problems a couple of months back that really shook her but she seemed to be getting back on her feet and last I spoke to her, a couple of weeks ago, she was hoping to be going back to work soon. Definitely no mention of moving.

Sara was worried and went and asked the other side if they knew anything and apparently Sue has been moving stuff out over the last week. Not in boxes or anything, just bit by bit. The older of the cats, who's fine with us but doesn't come and spend time over here or anything, has been returned to the original owner and no one knows what's going on with Romes (his name is Romeo, but because of my affection for the Cheech Marin character in Tin Cup I've always called him Romes.)

So we're kind of stuck. If Sue has moved out it's very sudden and strange that she wouldn't tell us. Hopefully she's got Romes with her, but dammit, at least let us say bye. She knows how much time he spends with us and how fond of him we are.

If somethings happened to Sue, or she's moved into somewhere she can't keep the cats and he's been put in a shelter though, we really want to know where because we will go and get him straight away, landlord be damned.

We've put a note through the door in hopes that Sue, or someone, will be back in the house at some point soon and they can let us know what's actually going on. If we haven't heard anything by the end of the weekend though I think Sara will be wanting to call around all the local facilities in case he's been taken in.

I've never ever been a cat person and still wouldn't consider myself a friend of the feline species, but dammit this little bastard stole our hearts. We always thought it would be us having to move away and leave him but at least we'd be able to say bye, not just have him vanishing out of the blue.

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