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Reel Big Fish/Less Than Jake

Tonight I got to relive my youth for a few hours at a co-headlined show in Bournemouth. Less Than Jake and Reel Big Fish, two of the biggest bands from the ska-punk days of the late nineties and early two thousands are touring together and we had tickets to go with Mitchell and Emma.

Emma unfortunately couldn't make it but we drove down to Bournemouth and met Mitchell there as soon as I finished my drivers awareness course and got home.

Pretty much immediately after walking into the bar we were meeting at we were running into people we knew. For me it was a lot of people that Mitchell and I went to college with but I haven't seen in years and for Sara it was all people she knew when she lived in Bournemouth. It was very nostalgic before we even got into the gig.

There were two support bands who are both awesome in their own right, Suburban Legend and Zebrahead, but because the line up was stacked Suburban Legend got a really short set and we completely missed them. We were in there for most of Zebrahead though and could tell it was going to be a fun show. Most of the crowd were people are sort of age so while it was cramped and there was a lot of people moshing there was a lot more polite understanding that none of us are as young as we used to be and if someone falls they're probably not getting up without help.

We didn't last long in the midst of the hustle and bustle and were more than content sticking to the flanks where we could have a better view and still have room to boogie.

Less Than Jake were high energy and great, despite all really starting to show their age.

Reel Big Fish have gone through a bunch of line-up changes over the years but the key guys have stuck around and they're still up to their same fun schtick. They sounded great and were a lot of fun.

We got a message from Sue next door just before going into the gig. She has moved and taken the cats with her. She finds goodbyes really hard, to the point of causing distress and that was why she moved the way she did and didn't tell us before hand. She expressed how sorry she was that Romes wasn't going to be able to see us all the time any more but she hasn't moved too far and wants to stay in touch.

After reading the message I find it hard to be too annoyed at her, Sara was the same. Obviously I'm still bummed that we don't get to hang out with Romes at home anymore, but Sara is still taking it quite hard. Harder than I think even she thought she would.

I've said to her though that I think Sue would be absolutely over the moon if she went to visit her, have a cup of tea and a catch up while hanging out with Romes and that if she did that a couple of times she'd be in a good position to say to Sue that if she ever is going away and needs someone to feed him or look after him, even if there is a friend closer, that Sara would be thrilled to do it.

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