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We Are(n't) Legion

Every week I see a post of south coast board game places and what events they’ve got going on. There’s rarely anything that takes my fancy and the only area that seems to be supporting Legion and running events for it is down in Poole. It’s not too far to go, but they seem to always be on days that are inconvenient for me.

That’s why I was surprised and happy to see that a local shop that I’ve been to a couple of times before had a ‘Star Wars Legion Day’ listed for today.

I invited George along as despite not playing Legion I know he’s been dying to get a game of X-Wing in with me and I figured that we’d be able to do that if no one was there to play Legion at the time.

I’m glad I did because in the three hours we were there no one else even came in.

It’s really disappointing that they don’t seem to have an interest in pushing the game and building up a community of players for it. It makes it very limiting for me. A hobby game like that needs a community for it to grow and in Southampton there just doesn’t appear to be anything.

I still really enjoy the game so will have to make the effort of travelling to some places that have better run events on in the future.

I’m just happy to paint the minis otherwise.

I played X-Wing with George and was happy that I remembered all the basics despite not having had a game in about five years. Probably more. It’s fun, and the new edition adds more to it. I’m not sure if I like all the changes as they seem to add a lot more potentially confusing mechanics but I think if you play regularly it would become second nature. I’m content playing with George’s stuff though. One game like that is more than enough for me!

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