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Blake's Got A New Face

Dammit, I wrote Sunday and Monday’s posts yesterday but forgot to post them! Guess three are going up today instead then. Oh well.

We carried on playing Pandemic Legacy: Season 2 last night, getting through the October game.

We’re now actually back on track for playing the game month to month for the first time since April! Though I have a feeling with the way it’s ramping up we might end up finishing it this month instead of waiting until December.

We just had a pretty big plot twist, it doesn’t effect how we play the game as far as we know, but if you’re following along the story between the previous ‘season’ and this one it’s kind of cool.

People complained about the writing in this season and sure it’s a bit hokey, but I’m really enjoying the story.

I wish we hadn’t taken such a long gap between the April and May games as I lost the thread of the fictional writing I was doing based on our play through.

It’s only since playing a bunch again recently that we’ve started projecting characteristics onto our game again and we had a really fun one come up last night.

I hate the Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback Blake Bortles, like, a lot. He’s a divisional rival but he also sucks and is painful to watch. Somehow though an aged, sort-of-wizened, fictional version of him crept into our story as Jacksonville is one of the locations on the board and kept being a central point for us.

It’s got to the point where we really try and keep that city safe and have ended up giving it a lot of interesting things that will be important in these last couple of ‘months.’

It started as a joke but we’ve somehow got really invested in Blake fucking Bortles.

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