• James Hewlett

Easy Like A Monday Morning?

Today was a ridiculously easy day of work. I hope the rest of the week goes similarly. I’m off for two weeks after Friday.

Sara is meant to be off this week and next but is having to work three days this week and two days next week so we’re not going to go away anywhere, not that we could really afford to anyway.

She’s planning on visiting her parents at the end of this week for a couple of days while I’m at work.

I think we’ll just have a few days out here and there when we can.

Ed’s hoping to be able to come down next week too so we should be able to get some Gloomhaven played.

Other than that we don’t have any set plans. I’m sure we’ll find plenty to do and the time will fly by though. The week I’m off that Sara is back at work will probably be a whole lot of me playing Red Dead. So that’ll be totally thrilling for me to write about/you to read. It’s weird, it’s such an incredible game and I cannot stop playing it but there’s very little I can say that hasn’t already been said. I may have to break it up with some movies or something just to give myself something to write about! But that’s future James probably.

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