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Stuffed Fables

Blugh. Feeling pretty rough today so not writing much. Sara and I played a full game of the new one we got at MCM a couple of weeks ago; Stuffed Fables.

It’s a really cute theme, you play as the stuffed toys of a little girl who have to protect her when she goes to sleep in her big girl bed.

The game board itself doubles up as the ‘story book’ which narrates the game, informs you of any special rules and instructs you on set up. It also acts as kind of a choose your own adventure type tale.

The game is definitely desired as an all ages friendly type thing, but it’s not simplified to the point of only being a kids game. This is much more akin to a Pixar movie in the fact that there is stuff here for all ages to enjoy and the story isn’t afraid to get a little dark at times, but always in a very storybook way.

Plaid Hat games have had a string of beautifully designed board games and this one is no different. All the components are top notch, from the minis to the book/board every element is eloquently made with fantastic art work to boot. One thing I thought particularly ingenious is that in the back of the story book, where all the ‘game end’ text is, there are talking points relating to the ‘story’ you just played. So if you are playing with kids you can stimulate their minds further and have a deeper discussion about those topics. I loved that.

This is the sort of game I’m really glad we have, we’ll play it and enjoy it but then when we have kids of our own and they’re of an appropriate age it’ll be something we can bust back out and play again with them.

I wrote more than I thought. Maybe I’ll post the game stuff as tomorrow’s and leave this one as a, “I don’t feel so good.”

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