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Gaming Tables

After the disappointment of no one turning up to the Star Wars Legion day at the local shop the other day I started thinking that maybe I’ll have to buy a folding table and mat so that I can just play games of it at home. I know Sara would enjoy building scenery and terrain for that sort of project. It just comes down to storage space more than anything.

It doesn’t help my lack of people to play against though. I know George would always be game, but with the amount he spends on X-Wing and other stuff there’s no way he’s going to invest in another hobby game. His buddy Ollie has, and I am looking forward to playing against him, but he’s not local so we’d only be able to play when he visits George.

Wez is interested but hasn’t ever got round to buying anything, maybe if I built a table he’d get more into it.

So for now I’m just going to keep an eye on any events that are happening, even if they mean I have to drive a bit to go to them. There’s one coming up in Poole soon I might check out. It’s not an ideal first event though as they’re hoping to run some bigger games and I’ve not got a massive collection. Though that could be a perfect excuse to pick up the two expansions I’ve been putting off... I haven’t painted anything in a while...

dammit, I’m in Portsmouth at the moment and thought I’d be able to find them in a particular shop but they aren’t carrying it due to lack of a community for it down here. Seems I am definitely going to have to go toward Poole if I ever want to get games in.

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