• James Hewlett

Two Weeks

Ahhh, I am off work for two weeks! I've been looking forward to my time off for a while but this last week I've really felt like I was ready for it.

Today especially was one of the more frustratingly taxing days I've had in a long time.

I didn't have the worst route in the world or anything, lots of driving and plenty on, but nothing out of the ordinary. The problem was that when I had driven over an hour to get to my first job of the day all the way down in Wareham I realised I'd left my HHT, a crucial bit of equipment, back at base. I called them to let them know and, as I knew was the case, they said no one else was coming my way and that I was stuck using the ole' manual receipt pad for the whole damn day. It's such a ball ache having to write out the barcode numbers of every single container I'm collecting or delivering. To make matters worse I had a really limited number of receipts left on the pad I had kicking around in my van so I couldn't afford to make any errors on any of them. Even then I ended up being short.

But I got on with it and made my way round. I stopped into Entoyment in Poole while I was down there and spoke to them about the Legion event they have coming up. I think I'm definitely going to go, they seem really friendly in there and have a good community built around the game.

When I got back and had unloaded the universe wasn't done picking me around just yet. Again, nothing serious, just little punishments for having time off.

Out of all the cars in our carpark mine and mine alone was covered in bird shit. Brilliant.

But whatever, I've had a few beers, watched some wrestling, played some Red Dead and am debating going to bed now or watching something on TV first. Sara's back tomorrow lunch time too. So overall life is good and I don't have to set an alarm for the next fifteen days!

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