• James Hewlett

Bournemouth and Sunday Night Football

We had a little ride out to Bournemouth today, there were a couple of shops Sara wanted to pop in to for work and we were planning to either play some mini-golf at the new cool looking indoor place down there or go and play some board games at the really nice cafe they have in Boscombe.

We didn't end up doing either, but it was still a nice day out.

Later on I watched the Colts Jags game, we had a great first half but let our foot off the gas in the third quarter and it became a bit of a nail biter by the end but we held the Floridian swamp men at bay for the win, our third straight. Indy finally look like a really good team again for the first time in a few years.

We'd planned to stay up late and watch Sara's game, Cowboys in Philly against the Eagles, but she wasn't feeling up to it so bed it is.

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